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Resurrect Dead Marriages

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I thought you might be interested in reading a different approach to "dead" marriages.
We eagerly pray for sick people to get well, and do all that we can to make this happen.
Why not do the same for sick marriages?

Dr. Henry Blackaby had only one divorce in churches that he pastored, and that one
because the husband moved out of the country. God hates divorce, doesn't accept it,

Most churches and far too many "family" organizations pronounce sick marriages dead
and have a funeral. "Just move on" is their advice, but that admonition is NOT found in God's
Word. What we DO find about this situation is found in I Corinthians 7:10-11: "Remain as you
are or be reconciled to your mate."

No where do we find God referring to anyone as an "EX". It is a relationship that He does
not acknowledge.

This column was in the newspaper on Saturday before Easter.


Welcome to The Town Talk Alexandria-Pineville, Louisiana
Ressurect a dead marriage through Christ
Guest sermon
By Joshua Joy Dara

This weekend is Easter when we celebrate the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ.

The message of Easter is very simple and yet profound. Jesus Christ came to this world, died for our sins, and rose from the grave so that we who received him as our Lord and Savior might have an everlasting life.

The Easter celebration is about the victory that Jesus Christ won over death. But while we celebrate the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ, how I wish that we can also celebrate the resurrection of many dead marriages in our community. In 2005, there were 893 petitions for divorce in the Rapides Parish Court house. This year there have been 332 petitions for divorce filed already.
As a man of God, my heart grieves to see so much breakdown in the family structure in our society. There are too many families that are dysfunctional and too many marriages that are either dead or in trouble.

We need to know how to raise our marriage from the dead.

In the ministry of Jesus Christ, his friend Lazarus had died and his obituary was probably carried in the local newspaper three days before Jesus had arrived.

Yet Jesus walked toward the tomb of a dead man and raised him from the dead. Lazarus' friends and family were sobbing outside the grave as Jesus approach the tomb. But when Jesus said "Lazarus come forth," Lazarus walked out of the grave to live again.

Today, I am looking at marriages that are either dead or dying. There are many marriages where love is as dead as Lazarus' corpse.

In several of these marriages, yesterday's hope and dreams have been assassinated by hateful words. Many marriages have been destroyed by adultery, pornography, gambling, outright neglect and/or abuse.

Also, there are many marriages where meaningful communication is now a dull memory.

To add more to the problem, there are many husbands who have refused to be the provider, protector and the priest in their own home. Today, I am walking into your marriage tomb with the word of God in my hand and I am saying "come forth" in the name of Jesus!

There are many of you reading this article that may say too little too late. Some of you may say "Pastor, I've given up on my marriage already. It is dead." But just don't forget that Lazarus was dead too.

Put your marriage under the anointing of the almighty God. For except the Lord builds the house all those who labor do so in vain [Psalm 127:1] May God bless you as you consider these words. Amen!
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