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I Am Standing for the Healing of Our Marriage.

I have been ridiculed for my stand by some who claim to be related to me spiritually. I have been told that some of the members of the church where I attend think I am absolutely crazy. My reply to their criticism was "They thought Noah was crazy for 120 years, but he floated and the critics drowned."

God hates divorce and we are to hate what God hates. He even hates separation. Separation and divorce are accepted by society, which is built on the devil's system, but the church should NEVER accept what God hates or support it in any way.

Many well-meaning people have told me "you just need to get on with your life" or "just move on". I have two problems with that advice: 1) I do not find it in God's Word, and 2) exactly what does that mean?

After my wife moved out I thought and prayed through many options that are available on the other side of divorce and did not see how God could be in any of them.

I tried to keep my thoughts and actions in agreement with what God would have me do. I reasoned that: 1) if my wife had had a stroke and could not help herself, I would not be "moving on" to someone else; 2) if she had Alzheimer's disease and didn't know me, I would still be at her side; 3) if she had been in an accident and were in the hospital in a coma, I would not be looking a new mate, and 4) if she were away for treatment of a mental disorder, I would be awaiting her return.

The fact that she had made the bad spiritual choice to leave the marriage God had arranged did not give me permission to make a bad choice too. I made her some promises which included being there "in the bad times" and I am determined to keep my word to her.

The truth is that she has been deceived into believing some of the devil's lies about marrige and divorce. One day, with the help of my prayers, unconditional love, and encouragement she will "come to her senses" and "escape the devil's trap".

To do a divorce or to accept a divorce is to believe that God can do everything except heal troubled marriages. Those two actions show the world that God is not completely God, and it also shows the unredeemed that God takes care of His children until it comes to their troubled marriage.

There are many things that can be done, and should be done, when the thought of divorce comes up:
1) reject it as from the devil - it is.
2) pray - it works. Prayer is a missile for which there is no anti-missile, and hits the target
every time.
3) seek help. It is available from those who put the teachings of God first.
4) agree with God that marriage and family are important enough to save at ALL costs.

Sending a believer, a brother or sister in Christ, to divorce court is not God's way of doing things. His clear instructions are "Do not take a brother/sister to court." Divorce does not solve any marriage problems, and recovery from divorce is a myth.

We are not God's coroner to pronounce death upon a marriage (the church isn't either). Neither should we be the undertaker to bury marriages. Ours is a ministry of RECONCILIATION. We should take couples by the hand to the throne of God for healing.

When people are sick we pray for healing. We should also pray for healing of sick marriages. Anything less or anything else means we do not believe all of God's Word.

Without faith it is impossible to please God. The faithless support divorce. Those who agree with God's Word support and practice forgiveness and RECONCILIATION.

Billy Miller
"I do" is for a LIFETIME.
I said "I do" and I STILL DO.

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