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Follow The Money!

Every day American courts grant 3,000 divorces of which 80% (2,400) are unwanted by one of the spouses. Statistics show that 75% of all divorces are initiated by wives/mothers who exit, taking the children and the money-never realizing that a fourth of them will end up in poverty and another 35% become dependent upon state welfare payments for their subsistence. Proof also exists that ties divorce to 18 social ills which the states and the federal government have to deal with using the taxpayers' money.

Yes, we need equal child custody. Children need both parents. Unfortunately, the moment a divorce suit is filed the current system regularly initiates an ongoing "Trash the Dad" program. The answer is to revisit divorce courts and reinstall due process so that the defendant/respondent can learn what they are charged with, see what proof is offered, offer a defense against the claims, hear what the judge's decision is based on, and appeal any adverse decisions.

This is guaranteed by the U.S. constitution. It is practiced in all court cases except divorce. There is a reason for this-money, money, money.

Trial by a jury of peers is also a guarantee, but it is never done in divorce cases. If there is to be "justice for all," how is it that the person who files the divorce suit is granted a divorce every time? Something is seriously flawed in family/divorce courts if the quitter/abandoner/deserter wins every time. Where is equal protection under the law?

Judges swear to uphold the constitution, the document which guarantees all of the above rights, but grant divorces based on nothing and do not even permit the other spouse, the other party in the marriage, to say a word. Judges should declare, "No more divorces in this courtroom until we follow the constitution-not illegal state laws."

Before the day is over you or someone you know could be entangled in this web of legal confusion. Ask your attorney; you will hear that there is nothing you can do to stop divorce-in America.
No-fault divorce, initially intended for mutual consent cases (both parties wanting out of the marriage), has become a 250 billion dollar industry. Families are torn apart like autos in a chop shop. Who profits? State governments and attorneys absorb almost all of the annual quarter trillion dollars from the pockets and purses of married couples. If you want the truth about divorce today, follow the money.

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