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Biblical Instructions Beyond Divorce

Billy Miller

Ist Corinthians 7:10-11

(v.10) "And unto the married I command, yet not I, but the Lord, 'Let not the wife depart from her husband; (v.11) But and if she depart, let her remain unmarried, or be reconciled to her husband; and let not the husband put away his wife' ."

The process of bringing together into a restored fellowship, by way of forgiveness, two parties who have been estranged and who are at enmity.

"What God has joined together no one has the authority to separate." Matt. 19:6, Mk. 10:9

God calls that first marriage a COVENANT marriage, Mal. 2:14, and His actions protect covenants.

In Pr. 6:16 we find 7 things that God hates, and the heading in Bible is "Seven deadly sins". These 7 things are:
.a proud look
.a lying tongue,
.hands that shed innocent blood,
.a heart that devises wicked imaginations,
.feet that are swift in running to mischief,
.a false witness that speaks lies,
.and one who sows discord among the brethren.

Since these are sins, abominations (v.16), they are detrimental to spiritual growth.

In Mal. 2:16 God says "I hate divorce", so it must be sin, an abomination also, since He hates it too, and a destroyer of spiritual growth.

We hear sermons about the first 7, but never about divorce. Why?

We need to be hearing about ALL the things that God hates, hearing the WHOLE Word of God, from the pulpit, from Christian radio and TV, from state and national denominational publications, from websites, from billboards.

Divorce was recently established, with a poll of ministers, as the number one concern to them. Since it is in the first postition we should be hearing about it...OFTEN.

Much time, energy, and finances has gone into the matter of the definition of marriage. We can get that firmly established in all four corners of the earth and it will not stop the destruction of marriages and families by divorce.

Current laws in all 50 states make possible, easy, uncontestable, illegal divorces for no reason or excuse, and the resultant devastation of the lives of the mate and the children. Where are the public outcries of INJUSTICE...UNGODLY...God HATES it...DON'T DO ONE.

The first part of Matt. 19:6 says "Wherefore, they are no more two, but one flesh." Two boundaries for legal action in marriage are clearly declared here:
1) Only when fornication is involved can divorce be PERMISSABLE. Fornication, which breaks the one-flesh God design for marriage, refers to all sexual immorality. Jesus did NOT teach that the innocent MUST divorce the unfaithful one. The purpose in this permission clause is NOT to encourage divorce for this reason BUT to FORBID it for OTHER reasons. Even when permissable, divorce is NOT within Divine planning. The binding nature of marriage does NOT depend upon HUMAN wills or upon acts of person, but upon the original character of the divine institution of marriage. Consider Hosea's response to his adulterous wife (Hos. 3:1-3)

2) Anyone who marries a divorced person is guilty of adultery, continuous, daily adultery.

The biblical teaching on divorce can only be understood against the background of Jesus' view of marriage. Marriage was a sacred concept to Jesus. The permanence of the marital union is stressed by the fact that two people become ONE FLESH. No one would contemplate severing even a limb. much less half of their heart or torso. Yet, this is precisely the emotional and spiritual result of divorce, the severing of marriage.

Furthermore, DIVORCE IS A DEVICE OF MEN TO ANNUL, AS IT WERE THE AUTHORITY OF GOD. Moses allowed divorce as a concession (an effort to protect ill-treated Hebrew wives), sin encouraged the practice of divorce, and selfish, human DESIRE coerced it.

The Pharisees sought to trap Jesus on the divorce question. He goes back to the beginning, quoting the divinely inspired words of Adam, because the answer to this problematic issue does NOT lie in LEGAL CODES or TRADITIONAL PRACTICES, but in God's design in creation. God does not give attention to the corruption of divine ordinances, nor does He accomodate or compromise His morality.

The Pharisees had made the "permission" of the Law a "command", giving way to human STUBBORNNESS instead of divine plan and purpose.

Why does God reject and HATE divorce?

1) Marriage is a divine institution.
2) Marriage is by express command.
3) Marriage makes two people become one flesh.
4) The first married couple showed unbroken unity of lives.
5) Marriage is a perfect picture of Jesus Christ and His Bride, the Church, and He does not desire an imperfect picture portrayed to His children and the world.
6) There are evil consequences in separation.

..many notations from the CRISWELL Study Bible

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